Listen: Burial & Four Tet – Unreleased

Burial! Four Tet! Unreleased! Three words that if you just said them out loud in the street, people would be a little worried (unless you’re in a particularly cool street, like in the queue for Boiler Room or something).  But when you put them together in a grammatically hideous sentence in a blog post, then everyone knows what you’re talking about (It helps if you have a title/picture to give them an idea of what you’re talking about).

Is it rude of Four Tet and Burial to create such great things and then hide them from us? Certainly yes. Is it one of the greatest crimes of the modern era? Probably. But I’m not here to ask rhetorical questions, am I? I’m here to tell you to have a listen.

Aren’t Four Tet and Burial the same person anyway?


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