Review: Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip – Repent. Replenish. Repeat.

Before I go into the details as to why I rate this album I need to first and foremost explain that I have pretty much listened to it non-stop and it’s bloody brilliant. Thank god these guys have more recently teamed up to work together once again. Dan Le Sac, working as a producer alongside the immense vocal ability of Scroobius Pip, has brought us Repent.Replenish.Repeat which, for me, is some of the best material this mega-talented duo have produced.

Anytime I decide to review music I always find myself calling an album either a story or a waste of time. The reason being is that I only review good or bad albums, simple! I’m not one for cliche quotes but have to admit that this album is more of a journey. It all begins with Pip’s opening brief on the start up track ‘Stunner’: “I know it sounds weird. I do want you to look back on this and smile but I kinda want that smile to be through tears.

With that introduction you know you’re in for a treat. Not the sort of treat you look forward to when family come round to visit at Christmas as a child or the pass back to a goalie which presents you with an open goal. More like the treat that you know you shouldn’t have. It’s the £10 extra change the cashier gave you. Its telling the man in the subway that you have no change. It’s tequila! Then comes the music and it packs as much of a punch as the previously mentioned liquor.

The album’s artwork; as gnarly as Pip’s wordplay.

With every track on this wonderfully crafted record we are invited to play ‘Change Your Favourite Lyrics Every 4 Minutes’. It’s a game I created years ago when first listening to Radiohead. Admittedly the name needs a bit of work but it explains perfectly how each track showcases the brilliance of Scroobius Pip and his lyrical ability. My personal favourite is ‘Terminal’. As much as I love the deep, back-whipping music in other tracks, this is a story with a classic and gentle undertone which I could listen to over and over.

There is an argument that this “journey” does not fit a genre. Is it electronic? Yes! Is it indie? Yes! Which festival should I go to in order to see these guys in action? God knows! Do your best to listen and appreciate. You will not be let down!

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