Raccoontroducing//Interview – GRUMBY

We speak to the brains behind Brooklyn based electronic outfit GRUMBY about their main influences, releases and a grumpy feline…


Hey guys of GRUMBY, please introduce yourselves.

Hey The Raccoon, we’re GRUMBY.

How long have you been making music?

We grew up as musicians but we didn’t start collaborating until about a year ago.


Where did you get the name from? When we Googled your name ‘Grumpy the Cat’ came up…No association with him we’re guessing?

Funnily enough we were actually originally called Grumpy Cat. Then we got an e-mail from Grumpy Cat and he was like, “nah.” We were like “man, aight…” So we just switched it up a little.  

Who would you say your main influences are?

As of late, Lapalux, Shlohmo, and Cashmere Cat to a name a few. We’re also influenced by a lot of jazz and R&B.

How do you go about creating music? Run us through your usual process.

It usually starts with finding a solid chord progression or an interesting sound. There’s not really a set process that we have. We mostly feel out the vibes and toss around ideas until we find something that we both love.

grumby 1

Do you prefer remixing current songs or create your own?

A track usually becomes a remix when we’re working on an original composition. We might hear certain songs or vocals in our heads from other tracks that we think would fit the vibes well. So really, we enjoy doing both.

What music are you all into at the moment?

We’ve been on a big electronic kick for a while. We have our roots in R&B and jazz, so anything that fuses the elements of those genres with electronic is something we generally vibe to.

Have you had any releases out?

We released Mt. Fuji, the title track off our EP. We also just released a new music video last week for our remix of Ginuwine’s “So Anxious.”

So Anxious [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPSC0-er3NI]

Mt. Fuji [http://youtu.be/LAYfPt_Xopw]


Run us through your video for ‘So Anxious’, it’s pretty surreal…

Thanks. The video represents the memories of  a lost relationship. The main guy is so obsessed with his memories of the past that he’s blinded by darkness. He realises he’s lost within his mind and tries to escape by running away. Eventually he confronts his memories and is able to leave it behind. KEY10 did a great job matching the mood of video to the emotion of the track. We also managed to sneak a couple of GRUMBY gorillas in there. See if you can spot them. Hope everyone enjoys it.


Find out more about GRUMBY by checking out their official site and their Facebook andTwitter pages.


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